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UNTOUCHABLE Search within

the Alvalaithen

Keeper: Chloe Oliver

The Alvalaithen is a white pendant in the form of a dragonfly. When this Tan’ji is activated by its Keeper, its lacy wings vibrate swiftly, becoming a blur. The name Alvalaithen literally means “Earthwing.”

BORROWABLE Search within

The Vora

Keeper: Mrs. Hapsteade

The Vora is unique among Tan’ji, in that its Keeper does not use it directly, but rather invites others to. This unusual arrangement means that new Keepers of the Vora often struggle to discover the nature of its power.

BLESSINGS (MIXED) Search within

the Staff of Obro

Keeper: Gabriel K

The Staff of Obro is a gleaming gray cane with a silver handle and silver foot that resemble dragon parts. Although the staff is among the newest of the Tan’ji, parts of its mechanism are old indeed.


the Fel’Daera

Keeper: Horace Andrews

Also known as the Box of Promises, the Fel’Daera is a small oval box, about five inches across and two inches high. It has a silver sun on one side and a transparent blue bottom. A new Keeper of the Fel’Daera may be told that he or she cannot keep anything in the box.

the Laithe of Teneves

Keeper: Joshua

The Laithe of Teneves is a small and wondrously alive-looking replica of the earth.

FOR THE POLYMATH Search within

the Mai’tan oraculum

Keeper: Mr. Meister

There are many types of oraculum—lenses that grant the ability see in different ways—but the Mai’tan oraculum is unique, and one of the few that is Tan’ji. Mr. Meister wears this instrument over his left eye, where it helps him fulfill his duties as Chief Taxonomer.

TOURMINDAE Search within

the Devlin tourminda

Keeper: Neptune Devlin

The Devlin tourminda is a family heirloom that has been passed down through many generations. Although tourmindae are a fairly common kind of Tan’ji, the Devlin tourminda has an unusual additional power.


Dumindars are small, ghostly white balls, usually worn on a chain. When a dumindar is crushed, it creates a dumin, a large sphere of protection. Though completely transparent, the dumin is all but impossible to breach.

Leestones offer a very different kind of protection. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but usually are bird-related. Raven’s Eyes are the most common type of leestone, resembling large purple-black marbles, but unlike more powerful leestones Raven’s Eyes fade with use.

Passkeys are embedded in walls in secret locations. They are all but impossible to detect unless you know where to look.

Grulnas are to be used only in emergencies, but they can save a Keeper’s life—once.

Ongrellondae are delicate, leaf-like Tanu. They are meant to be torn in two and swallowed.



Not truly Tan’ji, but more specialized than Tan’kindi, jithandras are only usable by the individual Keepers for whom they are made. They are finger-length crystals, usually mounted in small silver flowers and worn as pendants. Jithandras cast colored light tuned to their owners. They can serve other secret purposes as well.