The Riven

The Riven are a fearsome race of beings that claim ownership of all Tanu, the seemingly magical devices at the center of The Keepers. The Riven have lived in the shadows for centuries, waging their secret war against humankind. Believing that they are the only ones who have the right to keep and wield the Tan’ji—the rarest, most powerful Tanu—the Riven seek to ensnare, enslave, or exterminate human Keepers like Horace, Chloe, and the other Wardens.

Tall, slender, and pale, the Riven dwell in underground nests, coming out only to hunt down the Tanu and those who possess them. Long ago they were part of a grand race known as the Altari, until a great conflict over the Tanu arose. Large numbers of the Altari broke away from the rest, calling themselves the Kesh’kiri—the Riven. The original Altari all but faded away, while the Riven lived on in secret, driven by their hatred of the human Keepers.

Mordin are Riven who are particularly skilled at hunting. Taller and more powerful than most Riven, Mordin are keenly attuned to nearby Tan’ji. They disguise themselves to pass unnoticed through the human world, although their disguises are not completely effective against Keepers.

Dr. Jericho is an exceptionally powerful Mordin who seems to have a special awareness of Horace and his Tan’ji, the Box of Promises.

Kolfirin, also called crucible dogs, are large Riven that resemble great hairless hounds or cats. The Riven live in subterranean nests, each one patrolled by a single Kolfirin who is the Keeper of a crucible, a Tan’ji that keeps the nest secret and safe. Like all Riven, crucible dogs bond tightly with their instruments, and damage to the crucible can harm the Kolfirin.

Their Tanu

Golems are perhaps the most powerful Tanu wielded by the Riven. Seemingly made of living stone, a golem is immensely strong, utterly obedient, and all but impossible to destroy.

Crucibles are heavy, twisted Tan’ji that provide the binding source of secret fellowship in the Riven’s nests. A crucible burns with a captivating green light that hides the nest and protects its occupants. Unwanted visitors—or unwilling captives—who are exposed to the crucible’s light will fall helplessly under its sway. Like many of the Tanu used by the Riven, crucibles are physically bound to their Keepers, the mighty Kolfirin. Crucibles are sometimes called hands of glory.

Malkund are small Tan’kindi, usually figurines, that the Riven give as gifts—gifts with a terrible price. A person in possession of a malkund begins to obsess over it, becoming weaker in the process, more susceptible to suggestion and outside influence.